PredictEnergy® version 1.9.3 Release Notes

PredictEnergy® has released v1.9.3, providing improved visualization and active decision making for your DER Asset Performance.

Here’s What’s New:

Asset Manager Portfolio Dashboard


PredictEnergy® provides improved visualization and  active decision making of your DER asset performance.  The Portfolio Dashboard monitors Performance Ratio (Actual vs. Expected KWh output)  to notify you both visually and by email of a poor performing asset to dispatch repair resources . “Search” allows you to identify assets by component manufacturer to support manufacturer update and repair programs.   Double-click the row for DER Details and perform needed diagnostics. 

Asset Performance Details

der asset performance

Double clicking the asset location row in the Portfolio permits asset diagnostics to improve Performance Ratio.

The Detailed DER View provides (1) performance of actual to expected  kWh output selectable by date and time range; (2) DER Output profile and (3) a multiple parameter real time Weather view including history.

The detail view provides the dispatcher the diagnostic information needed to troubleshoot and make a repair decision prior to committing site resources.

Other key features include: upgrades to the Asset Manager general profile configuration; upgrades to the Asset Manager/Accounting system interface; updated Asset Manager weather parameters and history; update to Power Quality reporting; upgrades to the dashboard and display calculations; sub-minute and 1 second monitoring and reporting fixes; and, many more user help notes.

PredictEnergy® is a cloud-based Commercial Energy Management System that integrates real-time energy data with facility production metrics and your utility tariff to help reduce energy costs. PredictEnergy® is specifically designed to help drive down energy costs in everything an enterprise makes, moves or stores. For more information Contact Us today!