Commercial Energy Management System

Commercial Energy Management System from PredictEnergy® Analytics Software

The PredictEnergy® commercial energy management system has 4 principle products that commercial operators can utilize to monitor, control and optimize the performance  of their distributed energy resources and load centers.

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Energy Monitoring

Effective energy monitoring requires monitoring energy consumption and Distributed Energy Resources and reconciling to the grid. Effective Energy Monitoring of consumption consists of: identification of peak demand; single and multiple metering using physical and logical meters; Key Value Pair (KVP) reporting of energy and demand per unit time; alarms and alerts; and user administration management.

Consumption Load Curves

Energy Monitoring - Consumption Load Curve for the commercial energy management system

Demand side monitoring displays both energy (kWh) and Demand (kW) based on user selected date and time range.  The Load Curve also displays peak demand, and time of occurrence for the range selected.

DER Output

Energy monitoring for the commercial energy management system

DER Generation displays both energy (kWh) and Power (kW) based on user selected date and time ranges.

Energy Analytics

The application of energy analytics starts with defining the key performance indicators (for example, kWh per unit produced, or cost to store 1000 SKUs for 1 day, or energy intensity per unit of flow, etc) that drive energy costs.

The next step is to track energy costs in real-time, and create what is called the “Energy Cube.”  The Energy Cube is a three dimensional map of the following information:

  • Energy and Power by date, time and location
  • Production or distribution volume by date, time and location
  • Tariff
energy cube for the commercial energy management system

Data acquisition and management of energy usage, production information and tariff rate parameters are combined for analysis by the PredictEnergy® Commercial Energy Management System.

The resultant Energy Cube shows a vivid profile of the principal drivers to the total cost of energy, and sets up an evaluation of hypothetical energy reduction scenarios that are iterated for best results. Typical energy reduction scenarios might include process modifications, on-site generation, tariff rate changes, large-load management, recommissioning and others.

Energy analytics breakthroughs occur when determining the “difference that makes a difference.”  In other words, energy analytics can help determine which scenario to work on first based upon the biggest impact.

Energy Asset Management

Energy Asset Management is the systematic process of profiling and evaluating DER assets to achieve the highest system performance at the lowest maintenance cost, and place that performance in the context of the business, tariff and load.

The PredictEnergy® Asset Manager provides centralized performance management of multiple investments in real-time and can be extended to overall facility electrical cost performance.

With this background, the commercial energy management system, enables our team to provide top tier asset management services. It provides a systematic process of profiling and evaluating DER assets to achieve the highest system performance at the lowest operations and maintenance cost.

Power Quality

power quality monitoring with the PredictEnergy™ commercial energy management system

The quality of the power supplied by our local utility is something largely taken for granted.  We flip on the switch, plug in a device or turn on a piece of manufacturing equipment and we expect it to work.  Those devices, however, expect a specific level of voltage, frequency, power factor and stability.

Power quality which strays too far from these expectations can cause issues ranging from annoying to downright dangerous.  When was the last time you took a detailed look at power supplied by your utility?

Advanced monitoring can help isolate power quality issues and point you in the right direction for a solution. Tracking phase voltage, frequency, power factor and currents continuously, then having the data available for evaluation if/when a power quality transient occurs, can be the saving grace.

Advanced analytics may be the difference between identifying the problem and deploying a technology solution.

PredictEnergy® is a patent-pending cloud based energy analytics software platform that helps reduce energy costs. PredictEnergy® is specifically designed to help drive down energy costs in what enterprises make, move or store. For more information Contact Us today!