Energy Analytics Software

Behind-The-Meter Energy Analytics Software

  • Instruments Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and load centers
  • Measures power and energy in the context of your business and tariff
  • Performs real-time energy and demand cost evaluation and forecasting
  • Provides unit production energy cost analysis and comparisons
  • Analyzes actual production equipment energy costs
  • Benchmarks across multiple facilities and utility tariffs
  • Arbitrages on-site distributed generation & utility energy sources
  • Manages all your energy assets
  • Helps you control your business unit level energy costs
Energy Performance Profile Process

Stop Modeling Energy With Excel!

PredictEnergy® will model all of your energy usage for you.

Predictive Analysis Features To Reduce Your Energy Costs

Cloud Based

24/7 access to energy data from any device. Securely backup energy information to the cloud.


PredictEnergy is connected using standard bank-level security so your energy data is protected and private.

Prediction Engine

Hosted on the backend, the prediction analytics draw from the combination of your energy data, your facility unit production data, and your utility’s latest tariff pricing.

Data Acquisition

Energy meters installed around the facility capture energy data which is wirelessly sent to our server.

Energy Analytics View

The online dashboard reports energy metrics in terms of kWh/unit output and energy $$/unit output. Reports can cover one facility, multiple facilities, or company wide data.

Custom Reports

Key performance indicators, based on instrumented or derived metrics, detailing energy and power data by business, division, plant-level and more – all in the context of your tariff.

Run “What If” Scenarios On Your Energy Bill

PredictEnergy allows Operations Managers to predict energy cost changes by tariff schedule, equipment, process, technology deployment and more. Use PredictEnergy to answer “what-if” optimization questions like: