Energy Asset Management

Energy Asset Management from PredictEnergy®

Energy Asset Management is the systematic process of profiling and evaluating Distributed Energy Resource (DER) assets to achieve the highest system performance at the lowest maintenance cost, and place that performance in the context of the business, tariff and load. The PredictEnergy® Asset Manager provides centralized performance management of multiple assets in real-time and can be extended to include overall facility electrical load and cost performance.

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Energy Asset Management Tools and Services by HelioPower

HelioPower provides asset management services to a broad portfolio of distributed energy resources (DERs). These include PV and storage assets owned by third-parties and HelioPower itself.

Green Tech Media (GTM) defines asset management " as the ongoing management of financial, commercial, and administrative tasks necessary to ensure optimal financial performance of a solar PV plant or a portfolio of plants.”

GTM goes on to define operations and maintenance (O&M) “as a set of activities, most of them technical in nature, which enable PV power plants to optimally produce energy.”

While GTM considers these two domains to be two distinct markets, with overlapping functions and service providers; we at HelioPower provide services in both of these domains to our portfolio clients.

With this as background, HelioPower has built an Asset Manager Module for our PredictEnergy® analytics software platform to enable our team to provide top tier asset management services. It provides a systematic process of profiling and evaluating DER assets to achieve the highest system performance at the lowest operations and maintenance cost.

Source: Megawatt-Scale PV O&M and Asset Management: Services, Markets and Competitors 2014-2018
Source: Megawatt-Scale PV O&M and Asset Management: Services, Markets and Competitors 2014-2018

Further, it provides centralized performance management of multiple investments in real-time, which can be extended to overall facility electrical cost performance for behind-the-meter customers.

PredictEnergy® Asset Manager is role driven. That is, it provides different views, screens, and reports for the each of the various roles who have an interest in the asset. These roles include Third Party Owners, Asset Managers, DER Owners, Financiers, Off Takers, and Owner Operators.

While at first blush, these roles may seem to have overlaps; they have subtle differences, which must be accounted for in building a robust and useful application. Therefore, each Role has its own performance dashboard through which to view and analyze its assets.

While PredictEnergy® Asset Manager provides a robust suite of asset management features and functions, the major benefit of providing asset management services via PredictEnergy® is that it allows our behind-the-meter clients to optimize both their sources and uses of energy per tariff and time-of-use rate to ensure consumption of reliable, lowest cost energy.

Energy Asset Management: PredictEnergy® Profile Configurator

Energy Asset Management in PredictEnergy® is based on profiles and roles. The Profile Configurator creates a profile based on the collection of location and sub-location, asset type, asset performance, material inventory and demand side monitoring (DSM) of the facility’s energy production and load.

The profile, screens and access requirements are all role-driven. Roles include: Asset Manager, Third Party Owner (TPO), DER Owner, Owner-Operator, Financier, and Offtaker.

Screens and functions provide the output based on the profile and metering. All assets are measured against expected values.

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