Energy Benchmarks

Energy Benchmarks

A manufacturing company with multiple facilities struggles to compare energy performance metrics across different sites. The energy cost differences complicate P&L comparisons across the sites. How do energy analytics benchmarks solve this problem?

Stop Modeling Energy With Excel!

PredictEnergy® will model all of your energy usage for you.


A manufacturing company with multiple facilities struggles to compare energy performance metrics between sites. Limited availability of accurate, normalized energy cost information and long time lag to get the info exacerbates the problem. Comparison with industry energy standards is almost out of the question. The inability to identify under-performing facilities and create competition between production sites puts the company's competitive edge at risk.

PredictEnergy® Analytics Software

Incorporating intelligent energy monitoring provides the foundation to create real-time energy metrics. Helio Energy Solutions sets energy benchmark standards for clients to achieve best in class energy use. We measure and evaluate the client's business processes and production parameters, load profile to establish specific business benchmarks. e.g. kWh/barrel, Energy $/100 WT, kWh/sqft. Benchmarks are unique to each industry and must be normalized for clients with multiple locations and variables such as tariff schedules, weather etc.

Benchmarks displayed on the dashboard with color coding for preset limits give the client instant feedback on process results. The client can use the Portfolio view to establish inter-department competitive goals as well as compare overall production metrics to industry standards.

Leverage intelligent monitoring to provide real-time bench-marking and optimize productivity and efficiency throughout the corporation.

measuring energy benchmarks with predictenergy

What can PredictEnergy® do for you?

PredictEnergy® helps drive down energy costs in what enterprises make, move or store. You can forecast energy project savings, verify results, as well as identify additional savings in your facility operations. Please contact us today if you would like to try PredictEnergy® for free!

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