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Energy Cost Analytics from PredictEnergy®

PredictEnergy® is a real-time and historical cloud-based analytics software platform providing actionable intelligence to reduce your energy cost. To evaluate PredictEnergy® and your Facility's energy costs, please fill out the form below.

Self-Install or an Assisted Install?

If you currently capture energy data, please fill out the form below indicating you prefer a self-install and we'll send you an email that will help you provide us a basic system description including what you are currently metering (utility load, load center, generation output, etc). Based upon the information you provide, we’ll configure a PredictEnergy® communications module and provide to you, free of charge, during the 30-day free license period.

However, if you do not currently capture energy data, and would like to try PredictEnergy®, please fill out the form below indicating you prefer an assisted install. Once we receive your information you can choose between 2 options: you can purchase a pre-configured communications module with meter ($3,950)  that your electrician can install and which will automatically connect to PredictEnergy®, or alternatively, we can install it for you. Either way, our pre-assembled, plug-n-play communications module with 1 meter, 3 CTs and a cell modem, is easily installed in about two (2) hours. The hardware and annual license are automatically invoiced at the end of the 30-day trial period or simply cancel with no obligation. We'll remove the energy communications equipment at no charge to you.

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If the cost of energy is important to your business, then energy analytics helps you prioritize where and how to improve.

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The PredictEnergy® Solution.

Electricity cost is the second largest expense after labor but, it's hard to reduce. Electricity bills usually get buried on a Profit and Loss Statement in Operating Expenses, making it difficult to understand why your costs are high. Elevating electricity cost to COGS (or Cost of Goods Sold) exposes the cost in the context of what you make. Electricity Cost of Goods (or Energy COGS) is a powerful measure made possible by energy analytics. Energy Analytics provides actual electricity cost based on your tariff! Analyze and predict the energy cost of everything you make, move or store by incorporating energy usage and demand charges!

PredictEnergy® Features.

PredictEnergy® helps Plant Operation Managers visualize a successful energy cost reduction by tariff schedule, equipment, process, technology deployment and more.

Energy Cost Analytics

Energy Analytics Software

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The key to achieving successful energy cost reduction is visualization, insight and knowing what to do next. Want to see how PredictEnergy® can help you?

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