Energy and Sustainability Planning

Energy Planning Implementation

Balancing the goals of your strategic energy program requires an under-standing of the today’s government polices, USGBC building certification programs, energy technologies and utility tariff and incentive programs. Helio Energy Solutions has experience in developing integrated energy management solutions to meet your strategic energy program needs. Energy Planning is about cost reduction through the intelligent use of energy such as energy efficiency and distributed power generation, where Sustainability is about reduction in GHG supporting environ-mental stewardship, economics and social responsibility. Our Clients define it in many ways:

  • Managing energy to sustainable levels
  • Energy used is Energy Generated
  • Reducing GHG to predetermined levels
  • Using Sustainability as a marketing concept
energy planning provided by predictenergy

Stop Modeling Energy With Excel!

PredictEnergy® will model all of your energy usage for you.

Performance Indicators

energy planning and sustainability from predictenergy

Sustainability programs are driven from performance indicators. These ratios define your program and it’s reporting requirements. Defining, monitoring, tracking and reporting on these indicators is a measure of the structure and commitment of your sustainability program. We will develop a plan of action to determine the indicators best measured for your company, implement energy technologies, guide you on new government policies, establish measurement baselines and help you define your company’s program goals.

Intelligent Monitoring of Performance Indicators

  • Establish baseline measurements and track milestones.
  • Present and publicize actual sustainability impacts in tangible context, real-time.
  • Leverage tracking information to support LEED, Energy Star and similar programs.
  • Execute strategic energy plans to reduce energy use and cost.
  • Track CO2 emissions and offsets for cap and trade.

We use real-time on-line intelligent monitoring providing advanced energy analytics. This allows us to provide accurate baseline tracking to maximize energy efficiency project savings, verification of energy cost ROI, and GHG emissions statements for offset calculations.

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