PredictEnergy® integrates with Monitoring Providers

Integration with Monitoring Equipment Providers

Some solar owner-operators have trouble managing and monitoring a portfolio consisting of multiple monitoring system providers. And with a plethora of data coming from different equipment, it’s difficult to learn, understand, and operate across different platforms. However, PredictEnergy® forecasts energy project savings and verifies the results, as well as integrating with multiple monitoring equipment providers to consolidate data into one single platform.

Stop Modeling Energy With Excel!

PredictEnergy® will model all of your energy usage for you.

How does the integration between the monitoring equipment work?

Energy analytics utilizes three fundamental methods to bring in the energy data from monitoring equipment providers into the system

A key element of our energy analytics platform is the ability to integrate real-time data into one platform. The PredictEnergy® software supports a portfolio of energy data to ensure all collected data are seamlessly incorporated with industry-standard communication interfaces.

3 Fundamental Methods

Our energy analytics software utilizes three fundamental methods to bring in energy data from monitoring equipment providers into one platform:

  1. Installing our own equipment—If the site doesn’t have the necessary equipment installed, we install its own meter and onsite mini-server to instantly connect the facility’s energy data to the PredictEnergy® server.
  2. Using existing equipment—Energy analytics uses existing open-source hardware and mini-servers to channel data directly into PredictEnergy®.
  3. Integration with 3rd Party API—We go to the 3rd party monitoring equipment provider to interface PredictEnergy® to the monitoring database via an API.

PredictEnergy® is compatible with various monitoring equipment such as:

Locus is one of the monitoring equipment providers PE integrates with
monitoring equipment providers like enphase can be integrated with PE
solaredge is one of our main monitoring equipment providers
AlsoEnergy can integrate with PE
Draker is another equipment provider PE integrates with
lastly, deck monitoring equipment integrates with PE

How can your company benefit from PredictEnergy® Analytics Software

By consolidating all the disparate monitoring platforms and by integrating real-time data into one single platform, you can focus on making good decisions, and not spend all your time assembling data. So, if you would like to focus on your business and not in your business. Please contact us today! We’ll even let you try PredictEnergy® for free for 30 days!