Energy Cost Analytics

Energy Cost Analytics: Making Better Decisions

PredictEnergy® is a real-time and historical cloud-based energy cost analytics software platform providing actionable intelligence to reduce your energy costs. This analytics software synthesizes what your enterprise makes, moves or stores with your energy load, as well as providing insight about how you can combat production issues.

The common approach to energy cost reduction focuses on basic energy efficiency, basically, to use less energy. However, complex energy environments, constrained by complicated tariff rate structures require an analytical approach. Useful energy analytics combine energy data with non-energy information. Such as costs, production metrics, tariff, date, time and weather to provide you with actionable intelligence. Although business operating conditions don't offer a lot of flexibility, real energy analytics can help chart a path to success. Which is why PredictEnergy® analytics focuses on the energy intensity of facility operations to help you identify energy costs.

PredictEnergy® helps your facility determine energy cost analytics.

Stop Modeling Energy With Excel!

PredictEnergy® will model all of your energy usage for you.

Applying utility cost to energy use and unit production is a key component of energy analytics. PredictEnergy® combines these factors to provide both the insight into what's driving your energy costs and the ability to run Scenarios to model differing parameters to reduce your energy costs.  The crucial piece is looking at your energy cost - not just your energy consumption.  Integrating utility tariff rates with actual energy use enables staff to make process decisions against real-time energy cost.

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