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If the cost of energy is important to your business

PredictEnergy® Analytics software demo

PredictEnergy® Analytics Software is a monitoring platform that helps our clients improve the cost of energy in the products they make, move or store. It provides actionable information to aid in further decision-making. This is just a glimpse of what you can achieve by using this software.

Stop Modeling Energy With Excel!

PredictEnergy® will model all of your energy usage for you.

Utility Rate Pricing

PredictEnergy® can compare selected tariff rates to determine the best electricity cost structure for your facility. PredictEnergy® uses scenario analytics to provide rate comparisons for energy, demand and total electricity cost for evaluations up to 1 year of energy use.

Monitoring and Alerts

Alarms and alerts provide event monitoring of demand (kW) and meter reporting. Meters report on a pre-defined schedule to PredictEnergy® Cloud Services, and if the meter fails to report in a 24 hour period an email is sent to the user indicating a possible meter communication failure.

Pump Efficiency

PredictEnergy® wire to water pump test and recording evaluates and displays a pump efficiency ratio curve (MGD/kW), in relation to Pump Baseline (dashed line), and Minimum Acceptable Value (MGD/kW) (red line).

One Minute Monitoring

PredictEnergy® can provide one minute monitoring for special tests and quick feed back when necessary for tuning compressors and other energy performance testing, and understanding how to reduce demand spikes.

Performance Report

The Performance Evaluation report provides specific energy and demand parameters to understand energy cost issues.  By highlighting a few key metrics, specific load management opportunities are easily identified and quantified, helping to visualize energy cost reduction choices.

Energy View

The Energy view provides a graphical energy and demand view of the location meter selected.  You can select the period or date range for review and select UPDATE to display the chart in the dashboard. The Quick-Select tool optimizes for the best view.

Flow View

The Flow view provides measurement and analysis of flow meters (gas, water etc.) in various units (e.g. gph, MG, MGD), and provides location and facility flow results in chart format.  The Flow view can be configured for multiple comparisons, or percentage/ratio of flows per location.

Baseline Setup

Baselines provide for comparisons between actual power and energy used, past energy used and future energy needs and/or targets. Comparisons of previous year energy or anticipated savings from energy reduction projects are compared against actual energy use.

Enhancing the User Experience