PredictEnergy® Products

PredictEnergy® Analytics Products

PredictEnergy Products

PredictEnergy® is a cloud-based energy analytics platform that integrates real time and historical energy data with facility production metrics and your utility tariff.

The key to achieving successful energy cost reduction is visualization, insight and knowing what to do next.

PredictEnergy® is an energy analytics software platform that allows you to synthesize:

  1. how much energy and power your business uses, and when and where it’s used.
  2. what your business makes, moves or stores; where it performs this work, when it performs this work, and how this work changes and scales.
  3. what your business pays, and how it procures, energy and power.

PredictEnergy® products are structured in three conceptual layers. The basic layer is energy monitoring to provide real-time and historical energy performance, both consumption and generation. The middle layer is energy asset management to consolidate all data across generation facilities and load centers into composite views. And, the top layer is Energy Analytics to integrate production metrics and tariffs in order to measure and forecast energy intensity through KPIs and scenarios.

Stop Modeling Energy With Excel!

PredictEnergy® will model all of your energy usage for you.

PredictEnergy® Monitoring

Manage all your Energy Consumption and Generation in One Application

PredictEnergy is a cloud-based energy analytics software platform that performs real-time power and energy evaluation and demand peak avoidance; provides production planning and critical energy measurements; benchmarks production equipment energy costs; benchmarks across multiple facilities and utility service areas; arbitrages on-site distributed generation & utility energy; and, ultimately helps you understand and control your unit level energy costs.

PredictEnergy® Monitoring

View and Manage all your Energy Assets in One Place

Applying utility cost to energy use and unit production is crucial to energy analytics. PredictEnergy combines these three factors to provide both the insight into what’s driving your energy costs and the ability to run scenarios to model differing parameters to reduce your energy costs.  The crucial piece is looking at your energy cost – not just your energy consumption.  Integrating utility tariff rates with actual energy use enables staff to make process decisions against real-time energy cost.

Energy Analytics Software

  • Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and load centers
  • Measures power and energy in the context of your business and tariff
  • Performs real-time energy and demand cost evaluation and forecasting
  • Provides unit production energy cost analysis and comparisons
  • Analyzes actual production equipment energy costs
  • Benchmarks across multiple facilities and utility tariffs
  • Arbitrages on-site distributed generation & utility energy sources
  • Manages all your energy assets
  • Helps you control your business unit level energy costs


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