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Composite Load Curve


Energy analytics software to help understand and visualize your energy intensity and know what to do next.


Most of PredictEnergy's new customers are referrals from existing customers, and we earn their trust by providing patient and reliable guidance every step of the way.


Stop Modeling Energy With Excel!

PredictEnergy® will model all of your energy usage for you.

Analytics Can Reduce Energy Costs

PredictEnergy™ is a software analytics platform providing real-time cloud-based energy analytics that help you identify the primary economic driver of energy costs in the context of your business and utility tariff. PredictEnergy™ analytics focus on the energy intensity of everything you make, move or store and helps you identify what to do next to reduce energy costs.



Energy Cost Reduction Simplified

Helio Energy Solutions is here to help you understand your energy bill with straightforward explanations and a minimum of hassle.  Once design is complete, many installations can be performed in a single day with minimal operational interruption, and we're standing by in the unlikely event you'll ever need help once you're up and running.

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