What-If Energy Analysis

How can 'what-if energy analysis' help your business?

What-if Energy Analysis requires prediction, and PredictEnergy® uses scenarios that pivot on the The Energy Cube to enable prediction. Scenarios are simply stories with events and actions taken to reach an energy cost goal. PredictEnergy® allows the user to evaluate and solve for the best energy cost using scenarios. A typical scenario may be "what happens to my energy bill if I change my tariff?" or "what happens to my energy bill if I add a distributed energy resource like solar?" or "what happens to my energy bill if i change specific work rules?" Scenarios may be modified to target a desired decision path or what-if sequence, and the scenario can then vary what-if energy analysis processes to optimize for the best energy cost. Users may vary the key energy cost parameters based on their evaluation, changing the path as needed to solve for the best solution.

Stop Modeling Energy With Excel!

PredictEnergy® will model all of your energy usage for you.

Reducing Energy Costs with What-If Energy Analysis

Energy cost is the primary economic driver of energy management decisions and analysis. PredictEnergy® calculates energy cost using the facility utility rate and the facility energy consumption and demand. This exposes energy cost to the facility staff ensuring that their focus is on cost, and enabling them to drive energy use decision making against actual energy cost information.

what-if energy analysis from PredictEnergy®

What-if Energy Analysis enable forecasting of energy costs and analysis by providing power use optimization and real-time visibility of energy cost. PredictEnergy® provides What-if Energy Analysis on key energy cost performance variables to provide the best electricity cost decision.  Scenarios can be run on a wide range of key performance variables (see the image on the right). The user may vary the cost performance variables, then optimize on each to provide the best energy cost outcome based on the what-if selections.